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what is website accessibility?

Making websites accessible means making them usable for people with disabilities. It's about designing and building websites in a way that makes it easy for people with disabilities to see, understand, move around, and use the website.

When a website is accessible, it means that everyone, no matter their abilities, can use it and get the same information and services as everyone else. This is especially important for people who use special tools, like screen readers, to help them use the internet.

acessibility widget example

your website will achieve compliance up to 48 hours from installation

your website will remediate to comply with legal standards every 24 hours

monthly accessibility reports sent directly to you

accessibility statement and certification of performance

a widget that customizes your website to the users individual needs without compromising website design

what is included:

options to choose from after clicking on the widget:

the benefits of website accessibility


the law

the ADA is the Americans with Disabilities Act, an American civil rights law passed in 1990. The law prohibits discrimination against individuals with disabilities in all areas of public life, including jobs, schools, transportation, and all public and private places open to the general public. Since 2018, the ADA also covers websites, as they’re considered public places of accommodation. 

our process

improved performance

when a website is accessible, it means more people visit it, fewer people leave quickly, it shows up higher in search results, and more people become interested in what you have to offer - basically, an accessible website makes it easier for people to find you online.


widen user base

when you make your website accessible, you're allowing around 15% of the world's population who have disabilities to use it; this means more people can visit your site and have a good experience.


brand reputation

brand reputation and social responsibility are crucial for business, and web accessibility is an essential part of this; once you implement an accessibility solution, you will have an accessibility statement, and that says a lot about your brand.

providing equitable access to all people = priceless

your investment = $750/per year

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