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pronounced like 'visionaries'

are you completely lost when it comes to SEO?


we're here to simplify it for you

what is SEO made simple?


Have you ever wondered what makes SEO (search engine optimization) seem so complicated?

As certified SEO experts, we've uncovered a common trend – industry professionals often use jargon intentionally to create an air of complexity.

At vznayres®, we believe in demystifying SEO for you - and so, we've developed a comprehensive course designed to equip you with the knowledge you need to navigate the intricacies of SEO effortlessly.

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who will benefit from this SEO course?

Total Beginners: if you're new to the world of SEO, our course provides a clear and accessible entry point, breaking down complex concepts into easily digestible lessons.

Overwhelmed Business Owners: running a business is challenging enough, and SEO shouldn't add unnecessary stress. Our course is perfect for business owners feeling overwhelmed, providing practical insights to simplify the optimization process.

Growing Brands: as your brand expands, so do your digital needs. If you find yourself lost in the world of SEO and want to take control of your website's performance and online presence, our course is the solution.

there are four video lessons that are self-paced; you will have lifetime access to these and any additional videos that we add in the future (as well as corresponding masterclasses that we host)




each lesson contains a corresponding PDF with notes that you can print and use as a reference guide; additionally, you will receive a checklist to audit your own website and a template for how to conduct keyword research



+ templates.

gain access to our very own private Facebook group for ongoing support; plus any updates made by Google will be posted in the group so you're well informed and prepared




what's included in the SEO course?

investment: $111

it all starts here.

imagine this...

no longer feeling completely lost and confused when it comes to SEO

having the confidence to know exactly how to effectively create a strong online presence

increasing conversions organically by knowing exactly how to drive traffic to your website

confidently knowing that you are making a lifetime investment in yourself and your business

as a business owner, you understand that visibility matters

supercharge your visibility with SEO made simple today!

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