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We design high-quality and effective websites; built to convert, for a variety of diverse clientele. 

Our goal is to design a website that maximizes your marketing efforts and speaks to your ideal customer to inspire them to convert.

Learn more about our website services below or check out our FAQ's here.
website FAQs

frequently asked questions

what is a landing page? a landing page is a standalone or simple one page website that a person "lands" on after clicking through from an email, ad, or social media. Once they're on your landing page, people are encouraged to take action, such as joining your list or buying your products.

what is an 'informational' website? an informational website provides valuable information to its users on a particular subject or topic without the intention of selling products or services. These websites do not collect any type of payment or financial information from visitors. Examples include blogs, news websites, educational websites, research websites, government websites, and non-profit organization websites. These websites are created with the intention of providing helpful information to their users, and they often contain a variety of resources that users can access for free.

what is an 'e-Commerce' website? a website that allows people to buy and sell physical goods, services, and digital products online rather than at a brick-and-mortar or physical location. Through an e-commerce website, a business or individual can process orders, accept payments, manage shipping, logistics, analytics, and more.

what is website hosting and do you cover that cost? website hosting allows individuals and businesses to make their website accessible on the internet. Website hosting providers store the website's files, data, and other content on servers that are connected to the internet. This makes it possible for anyone with an internet connection to access the website by typing its domain name into a web browser. Website hosting can be purchased from a variety of providers who offer different types of hosting plans and features to meet the needs of different websites (Wix, Square Space, WordPress, Spotify, etc.,) We are responsible for the design and development of your website; therefore, this does not include pricing for a Wix Premium Plan, Domain, Hosting, Custom Email, Subscriptions, and/or Ascend plans.

do website packages include SEO? yes, we build websites with SEO in mind. All of our website packages include SEO built into the total price of the project. Once we complete your project, you will receive a guide for SEO Best Practices so that you can continue to upkeep and enhance SEO for your website!

does a package include website maintenance? no, however, our packages do include 30-day post launch support. And we do offer monthly and quarterly maintenance retainer plans upon request.

how much does it cost to work with you? every project is unique, so we always like to schedule an introduction call to meet and discuss in detail your unique design needs, business goals, and see if we are the right team for you. In general, your project will fall into one of the website packages listed on our website services page that also shows the starting price of each package.

I'm ready to book, now what? yay, we are so excited to meet you! The first step is to complete our client inquiry form. From there you will receive a link to schedule your first design consult with us where we will get to know each other, your business and goals, your website design needs and make sure we’re the right team for each other.

how soon can you begin? our availability varies throughout the year, however, we typically book projects 2-3 weeks in advance. We will have a better understanding of projected start date after our discovery call.

do you offer payment plans? yes! We understand that working with a professional designer can be a significant, yet valuable investment. Therefore, we work to make payments as simple as possible for our clients. Most projects are paid in two installments, while larger projects can be broken down into 3 or 4 payments. All payments are due before the completion of your project.

do you issue refunds? no, we do not as we have to compensate for time spent on projects. However, you will not be required to pay the final installment and we will cease all work.

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