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we are a women-owned boutique digital marketing agency specializing in website design, SEO and content marketing

for businesses and entrepreneurs seeking sustainable growth - vznayres helps you streamline your online presence with intention, so you can get visible and show up mindfully.

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work with us:


We design visually appealing, high-quality, user-friendly websites built to convert. Our goal is to provide your business with a website that maximizes your marketing efforts and speaks to your ideal client.

SEO Made Simple Digital Course

Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) course will help improve your website's visibility through strategies such as keyword research and content optimization. This course will help you increase organic traffic, improve search engine ranking, and ultimately drive more traffic, sales and revenue.


We'll help you turn your brand voice into a consistent message you can share on social media -- and develop the strategy and systems you need to make sure it's heard.

Clarity Call

Whether you're just starting out, looking to work together again, or simply in need of a thoughtful brainstorming session to gain clarity and a new, fresh perspective for your business - we're here for you.

Free Resources
for Business

Interested in working with us but perhaps you're not quite ready? Check out our free resources for business owners.

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vznayres client testimonials

review previously stated our previous name 'Our Mindful Marketing'

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the women behind vznayres

thought provoking · grounded · diverse

we are Hannah and Adriana; co-owners and co-founders of vznayres

our goal is to help you bring your conceptual ideas and visions to digital life

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