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How to use Instagram as the new business card

Updated: Jun 23

Instagram has easily become an extremely valuable platform for small business owners; as it acts as a virtual storefront, portfolio, and even the new business card. However, it's crucial to view Instagram not as a standalone marketing strategy, but rather as a tool to be utilized within your overall content marketing strategy.

Graphic of a business card with the Instagram logo indicating 'Instagram is the new business card.'

Your Instagram page and bio must effectively communicate who you are, what you offer, and how you solve your audience's problems (or fulfill their need). This way, visitors to your page can quickly understand your value proposition, inquire about your services, follow you, or even make a purchase.

To make a lasting impression, it's essential to optimize your Instagram presence. Start by writing a clear and concise business description, and using keywords relevant to your industry to improve your chances of appearing in search results.

The bio section is a limited space (150 characters) to introduce yourself and what you offer. Utilize it effectively by presenting your unique selling points and how you can fulfill your audience's needs.

Include a call-to-action (CTA) in your bio, directing visitors to take the next step in their journey with you. Make sure to include a clickable link, (ensuring it is functional), and direct traffic to a desired location in your marketing funnel (for example: your website or a sales/landing page).

Take a look at the image below for a visual illustration of how to optimize your Instagram bio:

how to optimize your instagram bio

As social media continues to play a vital role in marketing and branding, it's important to make sure that your Instagram account is easily accessible to potential clients and customers and that it’s easily identifiable (hint: consistent and on brand).

One simple way to do this is by including your Instagram handle (username) on your physical business card. By including your Instagram handle on your business card, you'll make it easier for potential clients and customers to connect with you on social media and stay up to date with your latest work.

Use the Instagram icon

A simple and straightforward way to include your Instagram handle on your business card is by using an Instagram icon. This can easily be done by downloading the Instagram icon and adding it to your business card design. This not only lets people know that you have an Instagram account, but it also provides a visual representation of your brand.

QR Code

Another innovative way to include your Instagram handle on your business card is by using a QR code. QR codes have become increasingly popular, and they're a great way to make your business card more interactive. By using a QR code generator, you can easily create a code that links to your Instagram profile. All someone must do is scan the code with their phone and they'll be taken directly to your Instagram account.

Personalized Instagram handle

One way to make your business card stand out is by personalizing your Instagram handle. This can be done by creating a custom handle that represents your brand, for example, if your business name is "Green Earth Florist," your Instagram handle could be "@GreenEarthFlorist." This makes it personable to your business and easily identifiable to new visitors.

Incorporate a creative design

Finally, you can incorporate a creative design into your business card that includes your Instagram handle. This can be done by using a design that incorporates your brand's logo or by using a design that represents your business. For example, if you're a photographer, you could include a photo on your business card that showcases your work, along with your Instagram handle so people know where to find you and inquire for more information if they're interested in working with you.

Next, in order to ensure that your brand is easily identifiable and consistent, you can use a tool like Canva to help you produce branded marketing materials and visually appealing graphics to help you save time and your business stand out.

Here is a step-by-step guide to using Canva to brand pictures for your brand:

Step 1: Prepare for the perfect 'selfie'

To get started, strike a pose in front of a blank wall and take a selfie. Here are some tips to taking a great selfie for marketing materials:

  • Wear clothing that matches your brand colors or is a complementary neutral shade.

  • Make sure there’s great lighting, either by investing in a ring light or utilizing natural lighting.

  • If you wear makeup, try to make it fit your brand. Choose a simple and minimal look or a dramatic makeup look with a brand color, depending on your brand image.

Step 2: Upload the selfie to Canva

Once you have taken the selfie, it's time to upload it to Canva.

First, access Canva and search for the right template for your needs in the search bar (or simply design your own), such as an Instagram Post template for a high-quality square image. Next, click on “Uploads” from the menu, followed by the “Upload Files” button.

Next, choose your favorite selfie and upload it.

Screen capture of Instagram post templates on Canva.

Screen capture of an example of how to upload files on Canva.

Step 3: Remove the original background

If you have Canva Pro, click on the “Effects” button on your toolbar and select “Background Remover.” This will instantly remove the original background. If you don’t have Canva Pro (or Adobe), it is highly recommended for your content creation and social media strategy for your business as this tool makes content creation so much easier. However, the background remover effect has become increasingly popular; for example, this is now a new feature on Apple's iPhone as well as other apps. Try a simple Google search to discover other apps that can help you with this step.

Screen capture of example of 'background remover' effect on Canva

Step 4: Change the background to a brand color

Another useful tool in Canva is the Brand Kit, which allows you to easily access your brand colors. If you haven't used the Brand Kit feature, you can enter the hex code of the brand color you want to use for the background. Simply tap on the now empty background, select color, and choose the color or enter the hex code.

Screen capture of example of the brand kit feature on Canva

Step 5: Utilize your new image

There are several ways to use the newly branded image, including:

  • Creating a new profile picture for social media: Simply download the original design and start a new one with a different background color. Add a circular frame from the 'Frames' option in 'Elements', and upload the image that you just recently downloaded.

Screen capture of how to download an image on Canva

Screen capture of how to include a frame from Elements on Canva

Next, place the original design in the frame, and center/crop the image to ensure that it properly fits the frame. Finally, download the image with the added circular frame as a PNG with a transparent background to use this image for various social media platforms.

Screen capture of downloading an image with a transparent background on Canva

  • Add your photo to graphics: Use the image to create fun graphics by adding your brand fonts and moving the picture to one side. This can be used as a template to share tips, how-tos, and quotes with your audience.

  • Create Instagram Stories/templates with your branding and image: Create a variety of Instagram story templates using the new images with your brand colors and fonts. Then upload it to Instagram just as you would any other Instagram story.


To learn more about how to use Instagram and social media for business and content marketing purposes, schedule a Clarity Call with us today!

Adriana Leos; Chief Creative Officer of vznayres

written by:

Adriana Leos

Chief Creative Officer



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