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minor additions + changes

website additions & minor changes

Running a website requires constant attention and maintenance to ensure it stays up to date and performing at its best. Perhaps your website is not in need of a total redesign but simple changes or minor additions to help ensure that it is performing at its full potential.

Minor additions and changes are important for several reasons:
- Keeping your website up to date with the latest design trends
- Ensuring your website is optimized for search engines
- Keeping your website up to date
- Improving website speed and performance
- Ensuring your website is secure
- Improving the user experience

First look turnaround time: dependent on number of pages and what changes are required
Most clients invest between: $75-$1,000; prices vary based on website needs

Our team will provide you with a range of services for minor additions and changes to your website, including:
- Updating text and images
- Adding new pages or sections
- Enhancing the design and layout
- Optimizing website speed and performance
- Adding navigational buttons and/or CTAs
- User-friendly navigation for easy access to information
- Mobile optimization for seamless browsing
- Domain connection

Don't let a poorly performing website hold you back from your business reaching its full potential.

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